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            MyConnection Server offers a wide variety of solutions for
            all aspects of Network Assessment
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            data quality solution

            Data Quality

            Network Quality is key to the user experience, so why doesn't anyone measure it? Well, MyConnection Server does.

            voip solution


            Accurate measurement of a network's ability to deliver time dependent data, such as VoIP, collaborating & conferencing.

            bandwidth solution

            Bandwidth & Performance

            Increasing bandwidth doesn't always mean an improved user experience. Capacity utilization is vital to the user experience.

            prequalification solution

            Network Prequalification

            A single test does not define how a network performs. Consistent testing over time is essential for application success.

            network assessment solution

            Network Assessment

            Performance measurement of critical network services, such as DNS, FTP, Routers etc., ensures minimal downtime.

            satellite architecture solution


            MyConnection Server offers hardware & software Satellites that can act as testing points anywhere on the planet.

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